Did volcanoes erupting in estuaries (Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, BGB) serve as microbiological cradles during the Archean?

Deon Janse van Rensburg, Sebastian Reimann (2), Christoph Heubeck (1), Andreas Zametzer (2) & Paul Fugmann (3)
FSU Jena, Germany (1); Curtin University, Australia (2); Université de Liège, Belgium (3)

The Moodies Group is classically described as a synorogenic sequence of quartz-rich sandstone, conglomerate, fine-grained sediments with subordinate ferruginous sediments and volcanic components. A prominent basaltic lava (MdL) approx. mid-section marks BGB-wide changes in facies trends, tectonic regime, and sandstone petrographic composition. This unit is the surface expression of the large Moodies Igneous Complex (MIC) which, aside from the basaltic lava...
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