The carbonatites of South Morocco: Unusual occurrences and associated REE-Nb-Ta-Fe mineralization

Rachid Benaouda , Dennis Kraemer , Maria Sitnikova & Michael Bau
The Oulad Dlim massif in the southernmost part of Morocco hosts several carbonatite bodies of different ages. The older carbonatite (1.85 Ga) occurs in the eastern Oulad Dlim massif in the Gleibat Lafhouda area and consists of three juxtaposed magnesiocarbonatite outcrops. They are associated with glimmerite, hosted by Archean gneiss, and unusually intruded by massive IOA deposits. The latter contains up to several wt% REE related to numerous monazite-(Ce) inclusions within large apatite crystals. Columbite-(Fe)...
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