Melt inclusions in zircon are powerful petrogenetic indicators and improve zircon thermometry

Dominik Gudelius , Armin Zeh , Renat R. Almeev , Allan H. Wilson , Lennart A. Fischer & Axel K. Schmitt
Melt inclusions in zircon (MIZ) directly reflect the physicochemical state of the magma during zircon growth. However, their potential as geothermometers and petrogenetic indicators is still poorly explored. Therefore, we investigated MIZ from well-characterized mafic and felsic rocks of the Bushveld Complex (South Africa) and acquired a novel dataset of major, trace and volatile element contents. Re-homogenized MIZ of all rock types display rhyolitic compositions (65-78 wt% SiO2) and similar H2O contents (1.6-4.0 wt%). Liquidus...
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