Toxicological effects of rare earth elements to photosynthetic organisms

Edith Padilla Suárez, Antonietta Siciliano, Marco Guida, Giovanni Pagano, Marco Trifuoggi, Sara Serafini, Emilia Galdiero, Franca Tommasi, Giusy Lofrano, Isidora Gjata, Antonios Apostolos Brouziotis, Renato Liguori & Giovanni Libralato
Rare earth elements (REEs) have become a key component in many technological applications. Due to the rapid increase in their use, the potential environmental exposure has also expanded. However, the effects on the ecosystem have not been yet thoroughly evaluated, leaving many knowledge gaps. To evaluate the effects of REEs, a set of experiments with acute and chronic exposure were performed on photosynthetic organisms. The effects of acute exposure of four elements (cerium, gadolinium, lanthanum...
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