In-situ trace element and S isotope systematics in porphyry-epithermal pyrite, Limnos Island, Greece

Frederik Börner , Manuel Keith , Jonas Bücker , Panagiotis Voudouris , Karsten Haase , Reiner Klemd & Martin Kutzschbach
A more sustainable society with CO2 neutral energy production requires substantial amounts of trace metal(loids). However, our understanding about the fractionation processes of these elements between the epithermal and porphyry environment is still limited, but may be essential to secure the future supply of these rare commodities. The porphyry-epithermal mineralization on Limnos (Fakos, Sardes, Kaspakas) show variable Te and related element (e.g., Au, Ag) contents, and therefore represent a natural laboratory to define key fractionation...
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