Raman spectroscopy as a functional scientific examination method for minerals, rocks and meteorites in the modern Geosciences

Melanie Kaliwoda , Malte Junge , Felix Hentschel , Wolfgang W. Schmahl , Fabian Dellefant & Claudia Trepmann
Mineralogical State Collection Munich, SNSB and Ludwig Maximilians University, LMU, Germany(1);Ludwig Maximilians University, LMU, Germany(2);Raman spectroscopy is becoming an increasingly important investigative tool in modern geosciences. So it has been applied in the examination of a variety of materials, including meteoritic and igneous rocks, as well as natural and synthetic minerals and crystals. This is not least due to the many advantages of Raman spectroscopy, like very fast measurements, small spot size or different samples...
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