Three-component fluid mixing: Evidence from trace element and isotope systematics in vent fluids and sulphides from Maka volcano, North Eastern Lau Spreading Centre

Lukas Klose, Manuel Keith, Daniel Hafermaas, Charlotte Kleint, Wolfgang Bach, Alexander Diehl, Frederike Wilckens, Christian Peters, Harald Strauss, Reiner Klemd, Karsten Haase & Andrea Koschinsky
The axial volcanic edifice of Maka at the North Eastern Lau Spreading Centre shows intense hydrothermal activity at two vent sites (Maka HF and Maka South) emitting fluids of distinct composition. We present trace element and isotope data for hydrothermal fluids and related sulphide precipitates that actively form on the seafloor at 1525 to 1543 m water depth. Hydrothermal activity at Maka HF is present as vigorously venting black smoker-type fluids reaching temperatures of ~330°C....
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