Hydrothermal processes related to submarine iron ore formation: Insights from Devonian Lahn-Dill-type ores

Leanne Schmitt , Thomas Kirnbauer , Thomas Angerer , Dennis Kraemer & Sabine Klein
Numerous studies on submarine iron-rich sediments (BIF, ironstones, etc.) focus on environmental changes and ocean chemistry, however, many questions related to underlying hydrothermal processes remain unresolved. As proximal chemical sediments, Lahn-Dill-type iron ores can provide insight into mechanisms of hydrothermal seafloor alteration related metal scavenging, and subsequent Fe-mineral deposition. Lahn-Dill-type iron ores formed during the Middle/Upper Devonian within the Rhenohercynian back-arc basin associated with intraplate alkali basaltic volcanism. Ores formed on top of volcanogenic successions...
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