Resource-Efficient Battery Life Cycles – Driving Electric Mobility with the Circular Economy

Kwade Arno, Christian Hagelüken, Holger Kohl, Matthias Buchert, Christoph Herrmann, Tilmann Vahle, Reinhard von Wittken, Matteo Carrara, Steven Daelemans, Helmut Ehrenberg, Sarah Fluchs, Daniel Goldmann, Georg Henneboel, Julia Hobohm, Michael Krausa, Johanna Lettgen, Kerstin Meyer, Manuel Michel, Marcel Rakowski, Markus Reuter, Dirk Uwe Sauer, Michael Schnell, Magnus Schulz-Mönninghoff, Paul Spurk, Wassilij Weber … & Susanne Kadner
Most current patterns of production and consumption follow a linear “extract, produce, consume, dispose” model. According to the Circular Gap Report 2020, the global economy is just 9% circular. This economic model is contributing to a massive transgression of “planetary boundaries” and the destabilisation of ecosystems and factors essential to human life such as the climate system and biodiversity. As a result, there is currently much discussion of a paradigm shift in the industrial value...
1 citation reported since publication in 2020.
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