Tetramolopium stemmermanniae sp. nov. (Asteraceae), a new species found at Pōhakuloa Training Area, Hawaiʻi Island

Steven A. Evans, Nancy E. Hastings, Mitsuko Yorkston & Clifford W. Morden
A new species endemic to Hawaiʻi Island, Tetramolopium stemmermanniae, is described and illustrated. Molecular and morphological evidence support Tetramolopium stemmermanniae as being distinct from Tetramolopium arenarium var. arenarium, Tetramolopium consanguineum ssp. leptophyllum, and Tetramolopium humile ssp. humile, which occur at Pōhakuloa Training Area, Hawaiʻi Island. Tetramolopium stemmermanniae shares an upright and multibranched habit as that of Tetramolopium arenarium var. arenarium and Tetramolopium consanguineum ssp. leptophyllum. It differs in ray and disc flower color and number,...
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