The genus Diaphanosoma (Diplostraca: Sididae) in Greece: Morphological and molecular assessment

Rafailia Alexiou, Georgia Stamou, Styliani Minoudi, Filio Tourli, Valentina Tsartsianidou, Alexandros Triantafyllidis & Evangelia Michaloudi
For the genus Diaphanosoma Fischer (Cladocera) the species’ name “D. brachyurum” has been widely used for many decades to identify other species belonging to this genus. To clarify the diversity of the genus in Greek lakes in the present study we morphologically and genetically identified the Diaphanosoma species occurring in eight lakes. Three hundred twenty-nine Diaphanosoma individuals were morphologically examined while for the genetic analyses the mtDNA COI gene was sequenced in 48 individuals. Combining...
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