Data from: Optimising the hatching success of artificially incubated eggs for use in a conservation program for the western saw-shelled turtle (Myuchelys bellii)

Louise Streeting, Deborah Bower, Martin Dillon, Phil Spark, Michael Gough, Adam Skidmore, Paul McDonald, Hannah Delaney, Adrienne Burns, Sandy Watson, Duminda Dissanayake, Arthur Georges & Donald McKnight
Artificial incubation of eggs and the release of hatchlings into the wild is a common conservation intervention designed to augment threatened turtle populations. We investigate a range of incubation temperatures to establish an optimal temperature for maximum hatching success of western saw-shelled turtle (Myuchelys bellii) eggs. We report on the influence of incubation temperature on incubation duration and hatching success and describe two experimental incubation methods which, for the same incubation temperature, resulted in 77%...
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