The metabolic hormone adiponectin affects the correlation between nutritional status and pneumococcal vaccine response in vulnerable indigenous children

Kris E. Siegers, Antonius E. Van Herwaarden, Jacobus H. De Waard, Berenice Del Nogal, Peter W.M. Hermans, Doorlène Van Tienoven, Guy A.M. Berbers, Marien I. De Jonge & Lilly M. Verhagen
Background: Almost 200 million children worldwide are either undernourished or overweight. Only a few studies have addressed the effect of variation in nutritional status on vaccine response. We previously demonstrated an association between stunting and an increased post-vaccination 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) response. In this prospective study, we assessed to what extent metabolic hormones may be a modifier in the association between nutritional status and PCV13 response. Methods: Venezuelan children aged 6 weeks to...
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