Soil chemistry determines whether defensive plant secondary metabolites promote or suppress herbivore growth

Lingfei Hu, Zhenwei Wu, Christelle A.M. Robert, Matthias Erb, Jianming Xu, Xiao Ouyang, Tobias Züst & Adrien Mestrot
Plant secondary (or specialized) metabolites mediate important interactions in both the rhizosphere and the phyllosphere. If and how such compartmentalized functions interact to determine plant-environment interactions is not well understood. Here, we investigated how the dual role of maize benzoxazinoids as leaf defenses and root siderophores shapes the interaction between maize and a major global insect pest, the fall armyworm. We find that benzoxazinoids suppress fall armyworm growth when plants are grown in soils with...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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