Predation strongly limits demography of a keystone migratory herbivore in a recovering transfrontier ecosystem

Fred Watson, Matthew Becker, Daan Smit, Egil Droge, Teddy Mukula, Sandra Martens, Shadrach Mwaba, David Christianson, Scott Creel, Angela Brennan, Jassiel M'soka, Angela Gaylard, Chuma Simukonda, Moses Nyirenda & Bridget Mayani
Large herbivore migrations are imperiled globally; however, the factors limiting a population across its migratory range are typically poorly understood. Zambia’s Greater Liuwa Ecosystem (GLE) contains one of the largest remaining blue wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus taurinus) migrations, yet the population structure, vital rates, and limiting factors are virtually unknown. We conducted a long-term demographic study of GLE wildebeest from 2012–2019 of 107 collared adult females and their calves, 7,352 herd observations, 12 aerial population surveys,...
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