Supporting data for: Limited genetic differentiation of Mycetomoellerius mikromelanos in Parc National Soberanía, Panama: Implications for queen dispersal

Cody Raul Cardenas, Andrew Mularo, Andreas Chavez & Rachelle Adams
The coevolutionary relationship between fungus-growing ants (Formicidae: Attini: Attina) and their symbionts has been well-studied in the Panamanian rainforests. To further understand the ecological context of these evolutionary relationships, we have examined the population genetic structure of the fungus-growing ant species Mycetomoellerius mikromelanos Cardenas, Schultz, & Adams 2021, in the Panama Canal Zone. We specifically investigated the presence of population structure, the significance of geographic features (i.e., creeks) limiting gene flow, and relatedness between ant...
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