Differentially regulated genes in the heart of benzene exposed TAC-instrumented mice

Igor N. Zelko, Sujith Dassanayaka, Marina V. Malovichko, Caitlin M. Howard, Lauren F. Garrett, Shizuka Uchida, Kenneth R. Brittian, Steven P. Jones & Sanjay Srivastava
Benzene is a ubiquitous environmental pollutant abundant in household products, petrochemicals, and cigarette smoke. Benzene is a well-known carcinogen in humans and experimental animals; however, little is known about the cardiovascular toxicity of benzene. Recent population-based studies indicate that benzene exposure is associated with an increased risk for heart failure. Nonetheless, it is unclear whether benzene exposure is sufficient to induce and/or exacerbate heart failure. We examined the effects of benzene (50 ppm, 6 h/day,...
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