Data for Diniz et al. (2022) Changing the main course: strong bat visitation to the ornithophilous mistletoe Psittacanthus robustus (Loranthaceae) in a Neotropical savanna (Biotropica)

Ugo Mendes Diniz, Nina Fischer & Ludmilla Aguiar
The Neotropical genus Psittacanthus comprises mostly specialized ornithophilous mistletoes, with rare exceptions. Psittacanthus robustus is a common ornithophilous species from the South American savannas whose bright-yellow flowers secrete copious diluted nectar. Due to a three-day-long anthesis and a short, non-restrictive floral tube, we suggest that the species also serves as a resource for flower-visiting bats. In a Cerrado area in central Brazil, we investigated the usage of the species by bats through systematic bat captures...
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