In-depth comparative toxicogenomics of glyphosate and Roundup herbicides: Histopathology, transcriptome and epigenome signatures, and DNA damage

Robin Mesnage, Mariam Ibragim, Daniele Mandrioli, Laura Falcioni, Eva Tibaldi, Inger Brandsma, Fiorella Belpoggi, Emma Bourne, Emanuel Savage, Charles A Mein & Michael Antoniou
Whether or not glyphosate activates cellular mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis remains controversial. We tested whether glyphosate and three glyphosate-based commercial herbicide formulations activate mechanisms known to be key characteristics of carcinogens. The mammalian stem cell-based genotoxicity ToxTracker assay showed that the representative EU formulation Roundup MON 52276 and the UK formulation Roundup MON 76473, but not glyphosate and the US Roundup formulation MON 76207, activated oxidative stress and unfolded protein responses. High-throughput molecular profiling of...
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