Data from: A warmer environment can reduce sociability in an ectotherm

Natalie Pilakouta, Patrick O'Donnell, Amelie Crespel, Marie Levet, Marion Claireaux, Joseph Humble, Bjarni Kristjansson, Skuli Skulason, Jan Lindstrom, Neil Metcalfe, Shaun Killen & Kevin Parsons
The costs and benefits of being social vary with environmental conditions, so individuals must weigh the balance between these trade-offs in response to changes in the environment. Temperature is a salient environmental factor that may play a key role in altering the costs and benefits of sociality through its effects on food availability, predator abundance, and other ecological parameters. In ectotherms, changes in temperature also have direct effects on physiological traits linked to social behaviour,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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