Maximum clade credibility (MCC) tree of Argyrodes lanyuensis from Philippines and Orchid Island Taiwan using BEAST 1.10

Mae Responte, Yong-Chao Su, Po Peng, Yi-Fan Chiu, Rafe Brown & Chia-Yen Dai
Oceanic islands are unique geographic systems that promote local adaptations and allopatric speciation in many of their highly endemic taxa. This is a common case in the Philippine Archipelago, where numerous unrelated taxa on islands have been inferred to have diversified in isolation. However, few cases have been reported in invertebrates especially among parasitic organisms. Here, we tested for biogeographical structure in novel populations of the “generalist" kleptoparasitic spider, Argyrodes lanyuensis Yoshida, Tso & Severinghaus,...
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