Nocturnal dissolved organic matter release by turf algae and its role in the microbialization of reefs

Mueller Benjamin, Hannah Brocke, Forest Rohwer, Thorsten Dittmar, Jef Huisman, Mark Vermeij & Jasper De Goeij
The increased release of dissolved organic matter (DOM) by algae has been associated with the fast but inefficient growth of opportunistic microbial pathogens and the ongoing degradation of coral reefs. Turf algae (consortia of micro- and macroalgae commonly including cyanobacteria) dominate benthic communities on many reefs worldwide. Opposite to other reef algae that predominantly release DOM during the day, turf algae containing cyanobacteria may additionally release large amounts of DOM at night. However, this night-DOM...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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