Sinitsa, Nesin, Data Matrix for Gliridae genera

Maxim Sinitsa & Valentin Nesin
A total of 58 dental characters were scored with all characters equally weighted and treated as unordered. Skeletal characters were not included since cranial and postcranial remains are only known for three extinct taxa, namely G. majori (Vianey-Liaud 1989), V. pannonicus and putative Vasseuromys from St.-Gérand-le-Puy (Vianey-Liaud 1985). The best-known basal glirid Gliravus majori (Stehlin & Schaub, 1951) and primitive leithiine Oligodyromys planus Bahlo, 1975 from the late Rupelian of Heimersheim serving as the outgroup....
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