Brian M. Wiegmann, Michelle D. Trautwein, Isaac S. Winkler, Norman B. Barr, Jung-Wook Kim, Christina Lambkin, Matthew A. Bertone, Brian K. Cassel, Keith M. Bayless, Alysha M. Heimberg, Benjamin M. Wheeler, Kevin J. Peterson, Thomas Pape, Bradley J. Sinclair, Jeffery H. Skevington, Vladimir Blagoderov, Jason Caravas, Sujatha Narayanan Kutty, Urs Schmidt-Ott, Gail E. Kampmeier, F. Christian Thompson, David A. Grimaldi, Andrew T. Beckenbach, Gregory W. Courtney, Markus Friedrich … & David K. Yeates
This is the uncut 28S rDNA file for T2+T1, with annotations about included regions. Ribosomal genes are complex to align across deep divergences (240 million years for flies). That means that divergent domains (expansion regions are excluded in most phylogenetic analyses of this gene.), so the annotations in this file (at the bottom) correspond to positions that are cut-out (excluded) in our phylogenetic analysis. If you sequenced 28S this will allow you to fit your...
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