A high-throughput multispectral imaging system for museum specimens

Wei-Ping Chan, Richard Anthony Rabideau Childers, Sorcha Ashe, Cheng-Chia Tsai, Caroline Elson, Kirsten Joanna Keleher, Rachel L. Hawkins Sipe, Crystal A. Maier, Andrei Sourakov, Lawrence F. Gall, Gary D. Bernard, Edward R. Soucy, Nanfang Yu & Naomi E. Pierce
We present an economical imaging system with integrated hardware and software to capture multispectral images of Lepidoptera with high efficiency. This method facilitates the comparison of colors and shapes among species at fine and broad taxonomic scales and may be adapted for other insect orders with greater three-dimensionality. Our system can image both the dorsal and ventral sides of pinned specimens. Together with our processing pipeline, the descriptive data can be used to systematically investigate...
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