A monograph of Aspergillus section Candidi

Kateřina Glässnerová, František Sklenář, Željko Jurjević, Jos Houbraken, Takashi Yaguchi, Cobus M. Visagie, Josepa Gené, João P. Z. Siqueira, Alena Kubátová, Miroslav Kolařík & Vit Hubka
Aspergillus section Candidi encompasses white- or yellow-sporulating species mostly isolated from indoor and cave environments, food, feed, clinical material, soil and dung. Their identification is non-trivial due to largely uniform morphology. This study aims to re-evaluate the species boundaries in the section Candidi and present an overview of all existing species along with information on their ecology. For the analyses, we assembled a set of 113 strains with diverse origin. For the molecular analyses, we...
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