Taxonomic studies on Malagasy Dalbergia (Fabaceae). III. Two new species from Southeastern Madagascar and an emended description of the rosewood species D. maritima

Simon Crameri, Peter B. Phillipson, Nivohenintsoa Rakotonirina, Nicholas Wilding, Roger Lala Andriamiarisoa, & Alex Widmer
The Malagasy rosewood species Dalbergia maritima has a long history of unsustainable exploitation for its beautiful, burgundy-colored heartwood. As currently circumscribed, D. maritima has a wide geographic distribution in eastern Madagascar and exhibits significant morphological, ecological, and genetic variation, suggesting it may comprise more than a single entity. Multivariate analyses of leaf, flower, and inflorescence characters as well as eco-geographic features reveal several morphologically well delimited entities with distinct habitat preferences and/or geographic ranges, which...
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