GPR120 in control of pancreatic polypeptide secretion from male mouse islets via phospholipase C-mediated calcium mobilization

Yufeng Zhao, Xiao-Cheng Li, Xiang-Yan Liang, Yan-Yan Zhao, Rong Xie, Li-Jun Zhang, Xiao-Chun Zhang & Chen Chen
GPR120-IRES-EGFP mice were generated on C57BL/6J background. The sequence of IRES-EGFP was inserted into the genome behind the gene termination codon TAA of GPR120 gene by targeted integration with CRISPR/Cas9 technology to generate the knockin (KI) mice that express EGFP under the control of GPR120 expression. In brief, the recombinant donor vector containing IRES-EGFP element was constructed and identified by double enzyme digestion. The Cas9 mRNA, guide RNA and the donor vector were transferred into...
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