Historical (1901-1920), contemporary (1979-2013), and future (2061-2080) terrestrial life zones

Paul R. Elsen, Earl C. Saxon, B. Alexander Simmons, Michelle Ward, Brooke A. Williams, Hedley S. Grantham, Salit Kark, Noam Levin, Katharina-Victoria Perez-Hammerle, April E. Reside & James E. M. Watson
Datasets depicting historical (1901-1920), contemporary (1979-2013), and future (2061-2080) life zones as global rasters at 30 arc-second resolution in GeoTiff format are included, which were produced for the study "Accelerated shifts in terrestrial life zones under rapid climate change", published in Global Change Biology by Elsen et al. Life zones are determined by distinct combinations of biotemperature and precipitation and represent broad-scale ecosystem types (sensu Holdridge[1]). For the future period, life zone maps were produced...
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