Phylogenetic data for: High diversity of new and known Phytophthora species from phylogenetic Clade 10 in natural ecosystems of Asia, Europe and the Americas

Thomas Jung, Ivan Milenković, Tamara Corcobado, Tomáš Májek, Josef Janoušek, Tomáš Kudláček, Michal Tomšovský, Zoltán Nagy, Álvaro Durán, Marthin Tarigan, Eugenio Sanfuentes Von Stowasser, Raghuwinder Singh, Monique Ferreira, Joan Webber, Bruno Scanu, Nguyen Minh Chi, Pham Quang Thu, Muhammad Junaid, Ade Rosmana, Baharuddin Baharuddin, Tutik Kuswinanti, Nasri Nasri, Koji Kageyama, Ayaka Hieno, Hayato Masuya … & Marília Horta Jung
During extensive surveys of Phytophthora diversity, 14 new species were detected in natural ecosystems in Chile, Louisiana, Sweden, Ukraine, Vietnam and Indonesia. Multigene phylogeny based on the nuclear LSU, rpl10, ITS, ßtub, enl, hsp90, tef-1α, ras-ypt1 and tigA and the mitochondrial cox1, nadh1 and rps10 gene sequences demonstrated that they belong to phylogenetic Clade 10 which is structured into three subclades. Subclades 10a and 10b comprise soil- and waterborne species with nonpapillate sporangia and variable...
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