Data and scripts for: Genetic dissection of seasonal vegetation index dynamics in maize through aerial based high-throughput phenotyping

Jinyu Wang, Guo Guo, Tingting Guo, Matthew Dzievit, Xiaoqing Xiaoqing, Peng Liu, Kevin Price & Jianming Yu
Plant phenotyping under field conditions plays an important role in agricultural research. Efficient and accurate high-throughput phenotyping strategies enable a better connection between genotype and phenotype. Unmanned aerial vehicle-based high-throughput phenotyping platforms (UAV-HTPPs) provide novel opportunities for large-scale proximal measurement of plant traits with high efficiency, high resolution, and low cost. The objective of this study was to use time series normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) extracted from UAV-based multispectral imagery to characterize its pattern...
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