Four raised to one equals one: a genetic approach to the Pseudolaelia vellozicola complex does not follow a math rule

Alison Nazareno, Luiz Menini Neto, Renata Buzatti, Cássio Van Den Berg & Rafaela Forzza
Pseudolaelia is a genus endemic to the eastern Brazilian Atlantic Forest, consisting of 12 accepted species. Some Pseudolaelia species, such as P. vellozicola, P. aguadocensis, P. oliveirana and P. regentii, referred to here as the PV complex, present extensive intra- and interpopulation morphological polymorphism, raising uncertainty regarding their circumscriptions. Although previous morphological analyses were used to solve the generic boundaries in the PV complex, persuasive genetic evidence is lacking. In order to test the hypothesis...
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