Fine-scale empirical data on niche divergence and homeolog expression patterns in an allopolyploid and its diploid progenitor species

Reiko Akiyama, Jainqiang Sun, Masaomi Hatakeyama, Heidi Lischer, Roman Briskine, Angela Hay, Xiangchao Gan, Miltos Tsiantis, Hiroshi Kudoh, Masahiro Kanaoka, Jun Sese, Kentaro Shimizu & Rie Shimizu-Inatsugi
Polyploidization is pervasive in plants, but little is known about the niche divergence of wild allopolyploids (species that harbor polyploid genomes originating from different diploid species) relative to their diploid progenitor species and the gene expression patterns that may underlie such ecological divergence. We conducted a fine-scale empirical study on habitat and gene expression of an allopolyploid and its diploid progenitors. We quantified soil properties and light availability of habitats of an allotetraploid Cardamine flexuosa...
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