Data from: Volatile fatty acid concentration, soil pH and soil texture during anaerobic soil conditions affect germination of Athelia (Sclerotium) rolfsii sclerotia

Keagan Swilling, Utsala Shrestha, Bonnie Ownley, Kimberly Gwinn & David Butler
Anaerobic growth chamber trials were conducted to evaluate effects of VFA and VFA concentration, and interactions with soil pH and soil texture, on A. rolfsii sclerotia germination. In the first objective, sclerotia were exposed to 4, 8, or 16 mmol/kg soil of acetic or n-butyric acids in sandy soil; soil pH was buffered to 5, 6, or 7. In the second objective, sclerotia in sandy or sandy loam soil were exposed to 4 or 16...
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