Raw data for the samples collected from Hole B of the ICDP DSeis project at the Moab Khotsong Gold Mine in South Africa

Takeshi Miyamoto, Tetsuro Hirono, Yuki Yokoyama, Shunya Kaneki, Yuhji Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Ishikawa, Akira Tsuchiyama, Ikuo Katayama, Yasuo Yabe, Martin Ziegler, Raymond Durrheim & Hiroshi Ogasawara
This data set is corresponding to the Miyamoto, T. et al. “Characteristics of Seismogenic Fault Rock Related to the 2014 Orkney Earthquake (M5.5) Beneath the Moab Khotsong Gold Mine, South Africa” Geophysical Research Letters, 2022. This data set shows physical property, magnetic susceptibility, mineral assemblage, and element composition of all Hole B subsamples, and frictional properties of 5 Hole B subsamples.
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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