Data from: Do metal mines and their runoff affect plumage color? A regional scale study of streak-backed orioles in south-central Mexico

Lynna M. Kiere, Marcela Osorio-Beristain, Valentino Sorani, David A. Prieto-Torres, Adolfo G. Navarro-Sigüenza & Luis Antonio Sánchez-González
Metal mining causes serious ecological disturbance, due partly to heavy metal (HM) pollution that can accumulate at mining sites themselves and be dispersed downstream as runoff. Plumage coloration is important in birds’ social and ecological interactions and sensitive to environmental stressors, and several local-scale studies have found decreased carotenoid-based plumage and/or increased melanin-based plumage in wild birds exposed to HM pollution. We investigated regional-scale effects of proximity to mines and their downstream rivers as a...
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