MALDI-TOF MS spectra and sequence data of collagen of modern and archaeological flatfish from European waters

Katrien Dierickx, Samantha Presslee, Richard Hagan, Tarek Oueslati, Jennifer Harland, Jessica Hendy, David Orton, Michelle Alexander & Virginia Harvey
MALDI-TOF MS spectra, LC-MS/MS datafiles, and Mascot MZID files of modern bone collagen of 18 species of Pleuronectiformes as reference spectra that were used to develop peptide biomarkers for ZooMS (Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry). Details on the samples used can be found in the file "Reference spectra information.csv". Further information on the method and results can be found in the manuscript. The file names contain the type of data file and the species name. MALDI-TOF...
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