Behavioral responses of a large, heat-sensitive mammal to climatic variation at multiple spatial scales

Tana L. Verzuh, Savannah Rogers, Paul Mathewson, Alex May, Warren Porter, Corey Class, Lee Knox, Teal Cufaude, L. Embere Hall, Ryan Long & Kevin Monteith
1. Climate warming creates energetic challenges for endothermic species by increasing metabolic and hydric costs of thermoregulation. Although endotherms can invoke an array of behavioral and physiological strategies for maintaining homeostasis, the relative effectiveness of those strategies in a climate that is becoming both warmer and drier is not well understood. 2. In accordance with the heat dissipation limit theory, which suggests that allocation of energy to growth and reproduction by endotherms is constrained by...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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