A new phylogeny of Rumex (Polygonaceae) adds evolutionary context to the diversity of reproductive systems present in the genus

Kirstie Grant, Daniel Koenemann, Janet Mansaray, Aisha Ahmed, Hamid Khamar, Jalal El Oualidi & Janelle Burke
Rumex is a unique member of the Polygonaceae family of plants. A source of intrigue for Rumex lies in the diversity of the reproductive systems associated with this genus. Four previously circumscribed subgenera and some two-hundred species comprise the collective Rumex genus. These species exhibit monoecious, dioecious, synoecious (hermaphroditic), and polygamous reproductive systems. Moreover, some of the dioecious species contain heteromorphic sex chromosomes, a phenomenon that is very rare in angiosperms. Apart from these confirmed...
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