Data from: Puercosuchus traverorum n. gen. and sp.: a new malerisaurine azendohsaurid (Archosauromorpha: Allokotosauria) from two monodominant bonebeds in the Chinle Formation (Upper Triassic, Norian) of Arizona

Adam Marsh, William Parker, Sterling Nesbitt, Ben Kligman & Michelle Stocker
Non-archosaur archosauromorphs are a paraphyletic group of diapsid reptiles that are important members of global Middle Triassic and Late Triassic continental ecosystems. Included in this group are the azendohsaurids, a clade of allokotosaurians (kuehneosaurids and Azendohsauridae + Trilophosauridae) that retain the plesiomorphic archosauromorph postcranial body plan but have evolved disparate cranial features that converge on later dinosaurian anatomy, including sauropodomorph-like marginal dentition and ceratopsian-like postorbital horns. Here we describe a new malerisaurine azendohsaurid from two...
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