The non-dereliction in evolution: Trophic specialisation drives convergence in the radiation of red devil spiders (Araneae: Dysderidae) in the Canary Islands

Adrià Bellvert, Silvia Adrián-Serrano, Nuria Macías-Hernández, Søren Toft, Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou & Miquel A. Arnedo
Natural selection plays a key role in deterministic evolution, as clearly illustrated by adaptive radiations. Unlike most spiders, Dysdera species display a high variability of cheliceral morphologies, which has been suggested to reflect different levels of specialisation to feed on isopods. In this study, we integrate geometric morphometrics and experimental trials with a fully resolved phylogeny of the highly diverse endemic species from the Canary Islands to (1) characterize cheliceral morphologies, (2) unravel their dietary...
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