Pathogenic LRRK2 control of primary cilia and Hedgehog signaling in neurons and astrocytes of mouse brain

Shahzad Khan, Yuriko Sobu, Suzanne Pfeffer, Herschel Dhekne, Francesca Tonelli, Kerryn Berndsen & Dario Alessi
Previously, we showed that cholinergic interneurons of the dorsal striatum lose cilia in mice harboring the Parkinson’s disease associated, kinase activating, R1441C LRRK2 mutation (Dhekne et al., 2018). Here we show that this phenotype is also seen in two mouse strains carrying the most common human G2019S LRRK2 mutation. Heterozygous loss of the PPM1H phosphatase that is specific for LRRK2-phosphorylated Rab GTPases (Berndsen et al., 2019) yields the same cilia loss phenotype, strongly supporting a...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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