Reciprocal bark exchange helps to disentangle tree species dependent bark and wood trait effects on invertebrate diversity

Chenhui Chang, Matty Berg, Richard Van Logtestijn, Juan Zuo, Li Lin, Cynthia Bom, Jesper Wolters, Maarten Biesbroeck, Pepijn De Ruijter, Mariet Hefting, Ute Sass-Klaassen & Hans Cornelissen
1. Previous studies showed that bark cover at early-decay stage had profound control on the invertebrate assemblages of bark and wood, with possible consequence for the decomposition process. However, previous experimental designs could not disentangle how bark versus wood traits affect the invertebrate assemblage process in bark and/or wood separately because wood traits of different tree species may vary independently from bark traits. Furthermore, we do not know whether such tree species specific bark trait...
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