Data set for behavioural OA experiments with Caribbean Damselfish (Stegastes partitus)

Trevor Hamilton, Martin Tresguerres, Joshua Szaszkiewicz, Brian Franczak, Tyler Cyrokak, Andreas Andersson, Garfield Kwan & David Kline
The neurobehavioural responses of fish exposed to ocean acidification (OA) are variable, possibly due to species-specific differences or involvement of multiple neuronal receptors. Here, we investigated behavioural responses of bicolor damselfish (Stegastes partitus) to OA and the involvement of dopamine receptors. Damselfish were exposed to control (pH 8.06; CO2 ~400 μatm) or OA (pH 7.73; CO2 ~1,000 μatm) seawater for five days, subjected to the open field, novel object approach, light/dark, and mirror-aggression tests, and...
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