Positive allometric growth explains the positive effect of foliar fungal pathogens on plant coexistence

Yao Xiao, Shurong Zhou, Xiang Liu Xiang Liu, Zhiping Song, Yawen Lu, Li Zhang, Mengjiao Hua, Yikang Chen, Shiliang Chen & Yimin Zhao
The data was collected in the northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai Province, China (101° 18′ 57″ E, 37° 36′ 50″ N; 3 221 m a.s.l.) in 2019 and 2020, including the species-specific growth allometry (scaling exponent and intercept) fitted by the allometric equation under each treatment in a population-level experiment, i.e., control, fungicide application, neighbor removal (removal), fungicide application × neighbor removal, and the community-level mean and dispersion of the growth allometry (CWM and FDis of...
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