A climate risk index for marine life

Daniel Boyce, Derek Tittensor, Cristina Garilao, Stephanie Henson, Kristen Kaschner, Kathleen Kesner-Reyes, Alex Pigot, Rodolfo Reyes, Gabriel Reygondeau, Kathryn Schleit, Nancy Shackell, Patricia Sorongon-Yap & Boris Worm
Climate change is impacting virtually all marine life. Adaptation strategies will require a robust understanding of the risk to species and ecosystems and how those propagate to human societies. We develop a unified and spatially explicit index to comprehensively evaluate the climate risks to marine life. Under high emissions (SSP5-8.5), almost 90% of ~25,000 species are at high or critical risk, with species at risk across 85% of their native distributions. One-tenth of the ocean...
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