Genomics of cold adaptations in the Antarctic notothenioid fish radiation

Iliana Bista, Jonathan Wood, Thomas Desvignes, Shane McCarthy, Michael Matschiner, Zemin Ning, Alan Tracey, James Torrance, Ying Sims, William Chow, Michelle Smith, Karen Oliver, Leanne Haggerty, Walter Salzburger, John H. Postlethwait, Kerstin Howe, Melody S. Clark, H. William Detrich, C.-H. Christina Cheng, Eric Miska & Richard Durbin
Numerous novel adaptations characterise the radiation of notothenioids, the dominant fish group in the freezing seas of the Southern Ocean. To improve understanding of the evolution of this iconic fish group, we generated and analysed new genome assemblies for 24 species covering all major subgroups of the radiation, including five long-read assemblies. We present a new estimate for the onset of the radiation at 10.7 million years ago, based on a time-calibrated phylogeny derived from...
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