Data from: De novo transcriptome characterization and development of genomic tools for Scabiosa columbaria L. using next-generation sequencing techniques.

Francesco Angeloni, C A M Wagemaker, Mike S M Jetten, Huub J M Op Den Camp, Eva M Janssen-Megens, Kees-Jan Françoijs, Henk G Stunnenberg & N Joop Ouborg
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are increasingly applied in many organisms, including non-model organisms that are important for ecological and conservation purposes. Illumina and 454 sequencing are among the most used NGS technologies and have been shown to produce optimal results at reasonable costs when used together. Here, we describe the combined application of these two NGS technologies to characterize the transcriptome of a plant species of ecological and conservation relevance for which no genomic resource...
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