Chironomid assemblages and inferred summer temperature, late Rissian, Eemian and earliest Würmian, S Germany

Alex Bolland, Oliver Kern, Andreas Koutsodendris, Jörg Pross & Oliver Heiri
The data herein presents a new chironomid record and associated chironomid-based temperature reconstruction covering the mid Eemian to the end of the first Würmian stadial (ca. 125–105 ka), augmented by results for the late Rissian glaciation and the early Brörup interstadial from the Füramoos palaeolake, southern Germany. There is an unconformity in the sediment core analysed between the late Rissian sediments and the mid Eemian sediments. These data also include non-chironomid invertebrate remains, including Ceratopogonidae,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2021.
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