Pleistocene aridification underlies the evolutionary history of the Caribbean endemic, insular giant, Consolea (Opuntioideae)

Lucas Majure, Duniel Barrios, Edgardo Díaz, Bethany Zumwalde, Weston Testo & Vivian Negrón-Ortíz
Premise: The Caribbean islands are renowned for their small size but high species diversity, and cacti make up a fascinating component of seasonally dry tropical forest (SDTF) there. Consolea consist of nine species of dioecious, hummingbird pollinated trees endemic to the West Indies, which form a conspicuous element of the SDTF. Several species are threatened by anthropogenic disturbance, disease, sea-level rise and invasive species, and are of conservation concern. However, no comprehensive phylogeny yet exists...
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